Chris & Irene Wedding Photography | Brattleboro, VT | Stone Church

Chris and Irene’s mid-August wedding in Brattleboro, Vermont was filled with gorgeous scenery, amazing food, and a few surprises!  They got ready in at the historic Latchis Hotel, which is also home to a super cool independent movie theatre in downtown Brattleboro.  They had their wedding ceremony at the old Stone Church, which is typically used as a concert venue and dance studio. Covered in green ivy with an old-time feel, the Stone Church seemed like the perfect place for Chris and Irene to proclaim their vows to each other.  Guests threw handfuls of birdseed on the happy couple and then everyone made their way in parade-style fashion to the Brattleboro Museum for the wedding reception.

Here was the first surprise of the day – the clouds overhead decided that only during our parade to the museum would they unleash their magic and shower the wedding party with heavy rain drops which caused a lot of spontaneous laughter and puddle leaping among the paraders.  I’m sure Max and I looked pretty comical as we sprinted down the sidewalks, cameras in hand to dart under Brattleboro awnings and trees for cover!  But, with the rain came a gorgeous rainbow, and upon arriving to the Museum, everyone seemed in high spirits, despite their soggy shoes.  ;)

I think our favorite part of the day was our portrait shoot with Chris and Irene before their ceremony.  We walked the streets of Brattleboro and got some awesome shots downtown.  Chris and Irene are both big readers, and so we thought we might pop into a book store and see what pictures we could make happen.  The folks at Everyone’s Books were amazing, and Chris and Irene wasted no time finding a romantic book to read from!