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When Brynn first contacted us about photographing her Odiorne State Park wedding on the Seacoast in NH, we were instantly excited! This girl had such enthusiasm for our style of romantic and Anthropologie inspired wedding photography, and as both she and AJ are artists, we knew that we would be a great fit. We have photographed many engagement sessions at this scenic outdoor wedding venue on the ocean, so we knew how picturesque the area was. Odiorne State Park, which is home to the Seacoast Science Center, has a sort of glowing light about it. Maybe it’s the sun reflecting off the ocean, or the wide open skies, but every time we take photos here, the images have a truly ethereal and sunbursty look to them–and without editing!

There was so much beauty to capture at this wedding–the majestic coastal scenery, this lovely bride and groom, and wedding guests who all seemed overjoyed at the vision of AJ and Brynn as husband and wife! This venue seemed perfect for an outdoor summer wedding, with ocean breezes and a simple tented reception by the water. One of my favorite things about the day was the fact that Brynn and her bridesmaids got ready at the Science Center, which provided such a unique backdrop for detail photos like the dress and the shoes. Obviously, I couldn’t get enough of those striped bass!

These two lucked out for a July wedding with no rain, and despite the weather being a bit warm, things cooled off an night and guests were treated to an incredible lightening display over the ocean followed by a stunning orange moonrise. The band Brandy really kept the dance floor going, and as usual, Katie couldn’t stop herself from breaking out her signature dancing-while-taking-photos moves. We had such a wonderful time spending the day with these two and all of their wedding guests, made us feel like we were part of the family. Congratulations Brynn and AJ… I hope our photos convey how picture-perfect every moment of your wedding day was.  ;)

Documentary wedding photography at Odiorne State Park in NH for July wedding.odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-02odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-03odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-04odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-05odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-06odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-07odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-08odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-09odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-10odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-11odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-12odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-13odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-14odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-15View of outdoor ceremony space at the Seacoast Science Center in NH.odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-17odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-18odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-19odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-20odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-21odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-22odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-23Bride and groom on the rocks at Odiorne State Park in NH.odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-25odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-26Ethereal wedding photography of bride in the woods at Odiorne State Park in NH.odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-28odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-29odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-30odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-31odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-32Outdoor wedding reception at Odiorne State Park in NH.odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-34odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-35odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-36odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-37odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-38odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-39odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-40odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-41odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-42First dance in the wedding reception tent at Seacoast Science Center in NH.odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-44odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-45odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-46odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-47odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-48odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-49Groom picking up bride at sunset on Odiorne State Park beach in NH.odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-51odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-52odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-53odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-54odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-55odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-56odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-57odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-58odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-59odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-60odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-61odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-62odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-63odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-64odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-65odiorne-state-park-nh-wedding-66


Summertime Engagement Session in the Hudson Valley

We love engagement sessions. They give us a chance to get to know and work with couples in a more relaxed setting. Plus, we get to spend time outdoors in nature! Lauren and Nick wanted a summertime engagement photo session in the Hudson Valley and suggested the Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site in Hyde Park, NY. As a big time history fan, I was all for it!

This park was full of scenic overlooks and paths through the trees. It even had a field with hay bales for a more farm friendly backdrop! As tourists left the area before sunset, we were free to wander this gorgeous property in search of scenic spots for photos. Lauren and Nick were complete naturals in front of the camera. Lauren had some great summer-friendly engagement outfit ideas, and we LOVED her 1970’s style Reformation high-waisted jeans.

Already looking forward to spending more time with these two on their wedding day at the historic Crane Estate next August. Scroll down to see more of our favorite Hudson Valley engagement photos from this shoot!

Hyde Park engagement photography in Hudson Valley of NY.Vintage style engagement photography in Hyde Park, NY.Couple with stone wall for Anthropologie engagement photography session in Hudson Valley, NY.Cute natural engagement photo of couple sitting down with ivy in Hyde Park, NY.1970Engagement photo of the groom hugging his bride to be with the Hudson Valley mountains behind.

Hudson Valley Engagement Photos at FDR Park gardens in NY.

Detail photo of the engagement ring during a Hudson Valley Engagement photo shoot.Fine art engagement photography with hay bales and the couple in Hyde Park, NY.Hudson Valley engagement photos in the garden at FDR Park in Hyde Park, NY.Sweet candid engagement photo of the couple in upstate NY.Fine art nature engagement photo of the couple hugging and looking happy in Hyde Park, NY.Scenic landscape engagement photo of the couple in Hudson Valley, NY.Couple kissing on a hay bale during an engagement photo session in FDR Park in Hudson Valley.Sweet close up photo of bride and groom to be during their rustic engagement photo session in Hudson Valley.Engagement photo of couple holding hands and walking down a gravel path in FDR Park in Hudson Valley, NY.


There is a first time for everything. Sarah and Thierry are the first couple that we’ve had the pleasure of photographing twice on their wedding day. Last June they had a lovely and intimate garden wedding. This past June they invited a lot more wedding guests, and had a much larger Sugarbush VT wedding surrounded by the green mountains. Weddings are always such wonderful celebrations, but Sarah and Thierry really upped the ante with theirs–they are expecting a baby this fall!

There was so much to be happy about at this wedding. Wonderful candid and natural moments were everywhere! One of our favorites was the hilarious toast that Thierry’s son gave, in which he revealed his GPA to them. Another was Sarah’s father seeing her for the first time, with Paul Simon’s “Father and Daughter” song playing randomly in the background. Everyone was smiling when Thierry surprised Sarah at the reception by walking out while holding a stereo above his head just like John Cusack in “Say Anything”.

This wedding went so seamlessly well, we asked Sarah if she had any advice for other couples who might be expecting a baby and planning a wedding at the same time. She sent us some incredibly helpful suggestions that we thought we would share! She said, “Setting a wedding date that falls within your second trimester is key, as that’s when most women typically look and feel their best.” Sarah also suggested not taking on too many DIY projects or trying to coordinate the entire wedding yourself. “Between the hormones, work, doctor appointments and baby brain, DIY can get stressful, and then you and your fiancee suffer.” During pregnancy, all emotions are heightened, so making sure you have vendors you trust and a great coordinator for the day is essential. She talked about how important it is for expecting brides to EAT throughout the day! “I lost and hour+ of our reception because I forgot to eat something substantial before the ceremony and wasn’t up to all of the mingling and dancing until after we ate dinner”.  Lastly, she points out how important it is to physically take care of yourself both on the wedding day, and the days following the wedding. Sarah said that wearing flats, and putting your feet up whenever you can throughout the day made a big difference. She added, “Make sure you have at least two days after the wedding to do nothing, just unwind and let your body regulate itself again!”.

Thank you to Sarah and Thierry for trusting us to document the memories of not one, but TWO of your wedding days. We wish your growing family all the best!

Bride and groom kiss after their ceremony at the Sugarbush Resort in VT.View of the field during an outdoor wedding at the Sugarbush Resort in VT.Documentary photo of the bride getting ready for her Sugarbush, VT wedding in June.Groom walks down the staircase at the Sugarbush Resort in VT.Documentary wedding photography of first look at Sugarbush, VT.
Sweet candid photo of the groomNatural wedding photo of the bride and groom before their June wedding in Sugarbush, VT.Expecting bride, 6 months pregnant, sweet photo before her Sugarbush, VT wedding.Simple succulent boutonniere for a rustic Sugarbush, VT wedding.The bride shows off her sparkly flat shoes for the wedding at Sugarbush in VT.Portrait of a small wedding party at the Sugarbush Resort in VT.Bride and groom hold hands during their June wedding at Sugarbush in VT.Sweet natural photo of the bride and groom after their Sugarbush, VT wedding.View of the green mountains from the outdoor wedding venue at Sugarbush, VT.The flower girl and ring bearer walk through the woods before this June wedding in Sugarbush, VT.The bride is accompanied by her parents to walk down the aisle before her summer Sugarbush, VT wedding.An outdoor June wedding ceremony at the Sugarbush Resort in VT.Photo of the bride and groom during their wedding ceremony with Jewish chuppah at Sugarbush, VT.The bride and groom are wrapped in a blanket under the chuppah during their Jewish wedding ceremony at Sugarbush, VT.Great documentary wedding photo of guests during this June wedding at Sugarbush, VT.The bride and groom kiss after their ceremony at Sugarbush in VT.Documentary wedding photography of bride and groom hugging their parents after their June ceremony at Sugarbush in VT.Documentary wedding photography of the bride and groom walking down a path after their Sugarbush Resort wedding in VT.View of the cocktail hour outside of the wedding reception barn at the Sugarbush Resort in VT.Artistic wedding photography of a wedding with Heady Topper beer with Best Day Ever koozies at Sugarbush, VT.Dinner tables are set up for a wedding reception in the barn at the Sugarbush Resort in VT.Protea wedding flowers at this rustic Sugarbush, VT wedding in June.Love these rustic protea wedding bouquets and twinkle lights at the Sugarbush Resort wedding in VT.Fine art photography of wedding dinner tables at Sugarbush, VT.Gorgeous rustic wedding bar with twinkle lights at Sugarbush, VT.View of the outdoor cocktail hour at the Sugarbush Resort, VT for a June wedding.Wedding guests mingle before the outdoor ceremony at Sugarbush in VT.Documentary wedding photography at the Sugarbush, VT in June.Artistic wedding photos during a reception at a June wedding at the Sugarbush Resort in VT.The bride talking with a guest at her Sugarbush, VT wedding in June.Wedding guests mingle during cocktail hour at the Sugarbush, VT.View of the red barn in Sugarbush, VT for a June wedding.Funny photo of the groom holding up a boombox from Say Anything movie during wedding reception at Sugarbush, VT.Documentary photo of the first dance during this Sugarbush VT wedding.Documentary photography of speeches during wedding reception at Sugarbush, VT.Speech by the groomCandid wedding photography of bride and groom listening to speeches during their reception at the Sugarbush Resort in VT.Documentary photo of the wedding band at Sugarbush, VT.Wedding guests dancing during the reception at the Sugarbush Resort in VT.Father daughter dance during this Sugarbush, VT wedding reception.The mother of the groom dances with her son at this Sugarbush VT wedding reception.Guests dance during this reception at Sugarbush, VT.Guests dance during this rustic wedding reception at Sugarbush, VT.Funny photo of guests doing wild dancing at the Sugarbush Resort in VT.The groom pulls out some funny dance moves during his wedding reception at the Sugarbush Resort in VT.Artistic wedding photo of silhouettes against this rustic twinkle light bar at Sugarbush, VT.The bride laughing with friends in the photo booth at her Sugarbush, VT wedding.Dancers at the reception for this Sugarbush wedding in Vermont.The groom and his friends dance during their rustic wedding reception in Sugarbush, VT.Wedding guests dance in the barn at the reception at Sugarbush, VT.Documentary photography of bride and groom

Beautiful view of the Sugarbush Resort barn at night for a rustic wedding reception in VT.

Thanks for the following vendors who played an important role in making this day so amazing:

Wedding Coordinator – Callie Willette with Sugarbush Resort

Custom Rustic Wedding Bar – Jacob Fink  & Elizabeth Brooks

Band – Friends of the groom (thanks to Andrew DiMola)

Florist – Lavender 

Caterer – Sugarbush Resort

Hair & Makeup – Danielle Noel

Bride’s shoes – Betsey Johnson

Bride’s dress – Maggie Sottero

Groom’s suit – Joseph Abboud

Groom’s tie – Calvin Klein

Koozies – Oriental Trading